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1. When can I Schedule a New Patient Appointment

We are Committed to Scheduling Patients within 72 Hours with at least a TelePsych Appointment

2. Do you offer In-Person Visits?

Yes. Appointments may be done in Person, TelePsych in our Office (I have 4 Locations in Arizona), or TelePsych from your home. 

3. Do you take Insurance? 

Yes, we do take insurance. Call (602) 944-2222 to Verify

4. What is TelePsych? 

.TelePsych is a HIPPA Approved Computer/Phone APP that is similar to Face-Time or Skype. 

5. What are the advantages to TelePsych?

TelePsych can be done from your home. It allows for some after-hours and weekend appointments not otherwise possible. It allows Psych to meet with a client from another office on same day as Therapy, Pain Clinic, or Primary Care in our Medical Complex.